In 2019 the National Galleries of Scotland collaborated with production company Heehaw to produce a new video series, exploring some of their audiences’ main questions about art. After gathering data, and inviting responses from a range of places, including informal interviews, questionnaires, website pop-ups, and a research panel, we ended up with a list of 260 questions relating to art, artists, art galleries, and the art world.

Through thematic analysis, key areas of interest were identified, and all questions were grouped under the most relevant theme. Questions were then given a score based on frequency and source. A mean average score was calculated for each theme, to identify the most popular. During a Discovery Session with the producers (Heehaw), and representatives from across the National Galleries of Scotland, we used the data to discuss themes, and identify the six questions to explore through film:
What makes a painting iconic?
Why can’t I touch art?
Why aren’t there more female artists?
Who decides what art is worth?
Is art good for you?

The result was a series of audience-focused films, that marked a real cross-departmental collaboration, and new approach to production for the National Galleries of Scotland.

Commissioned and produced for the National Galleries of Scotland by Becky Manson and Mairi Lafferty
Produced by Heehaw