modern scottish women

‘Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors 1885-1965’ was an exhibition of work by Scottish women artists at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 2015. Concentrating on painters and sculptors, it covers the period from 1885, when Fra Newbery became Director of Glasgow School of Art, until 1965, the year of Anne Redpath’s death.

This accompanying series of films attempted to explore some of the gendered issues raised in the exhibition: namely subject matter, collaboration and teaching. Working alongside Marissa Keating and Helena Öhman, we invited contemporary artists and other contributors working in the arts to sit and have a discussion about these themes. These three short videos are the result of those conversations.

Produced by Marissa Keating and Helena Öhman. Produced for the National Galleries of Scotland by Becky Manson.